10 challenges that enterprises face in the digital business environment

Understanding how digital transformation is evolving, and how to advance in a faster, more dynamic market, is key to maximising opportunities in a digital business environment. Here are 10 of the common challenges that enterprise organisations face:

  1. 1. Requirement for new levels of security: attackers use the same architectures
  2. 2. Agility has to be balanced with technology resilience and stability
  3. 3. More complex and challenging decisions to make
  4. 4. Greater competition: everyone can be a global player
  5. 5. Lack of digital experience and resource
  6. 6. Faster, more competitive markets
  7. 7. Decentralized, mobile workforces
  8. 8. Rapid reimagining and rise of new digital business models
  9. 9. More organizations operating cross-sector
  10. 10. Growing workforce, customer, and consumer expectations and demands

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