24 ways to say BI Platform! Vendors are confusing prospects. Find out why & the impact.

We found that all 24 vendors within the Gartner MQ for BI Platform providers categorise what their solutions is completely differently.

Why’s this important? Put yourself in the customers’ head for a moment – based on varying levels of understanding they’ll use key phrases to search for potential vendors and compare them.

It’s like entering a very large store and understanding where to find the products you want. You apply a logic to where they might be located by type of product, and compare similar products while you’re there. Make it too complicated and you won’t find what you want or all the alternatives on offer.

In this case, it’s more the fact that prospects will use a handful of search criteria terms based on what they think their problem is and what they want to do. If a vendor isn’t listed or recognised within that category term then they risk being missed out for consideration.

Vendors need to consider carefully, from the prospects perspective how they define the category their solution sits in, ensuring it can be found easily.

By analysing all 24 category terms, we identified 5 top potential common combinations for vendors to think about in the future based on a prospects’ need:

  • Self-service analytics
  • Enterprise analytics
  • Big data analytics
  • Business Intelligence analytics
  • Business intelligence software

This is an alternative view to the terms which we question a prospect would arrive at on their own, that exist now, including:

  • Cognitive Computing [IBM]
  • Interactive Data Visualization BI Tools [Microsoft]
  • Embedded Analytics, BI Software [Sisense]
  • Networked Analytics [Birst]
  • Visual Analytics Platform [Qlik]

This article is based on a competitive analysis study of the Gartner Magic Quadrant BI Platform Providers 2017. An Executive Summary of the study is available here.

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