An interview with David Cameron. What could B2B Marketing learn from Brexit?

Like many I watched the Brexit debates, arguments and the headlines.  One single thing entered my mind as I watched Cameron and Osborne answer the “LEAVE” challenges:

[You can’t articulate your argument can you?]

OK – I haven’t interviewed Cameron – but that would be my opening question if I had.

REMAIN hadn’t taken the time to prepare against their competitors.  They didn’t have a robust and truthful value-driven central point of their argument that defined why remaining should be of true value to the public (their audience).  And because of that they couldn’t unify and build their wider argument in a way that made sense – engaging the public in a story they could belief in, understand and vote for.

“REMAIN” simply had a set of top-level points that didn’t link and they couldn’t explain to the level many needed – and that became scare-mongering headline statements that they had to cling to and use as a shield.

What they needed to do was think about their competitions argument, think about what the public would value, think about how to build their case, how to articulate it as a central thought, integrated with linked topics – that they could explain in-depth and give proof to support.

Put simply – The “REMAIN” argument couldn’t articulate or prove its own argument.  The “LEAVE” argument had nothing to prove, nothing to risk and played on peoples’ desire for change.

So I call all B2B IT marketers to be part of the “BE” campaign:

BE clear

BE differentiated

BE relevant

BE prepared

You need to make sure you win your race against your competitors – that you are prepared and have a structured story, that you can articulate in a differentiated way, that you can illustrate with specifics and provide examples and proof.

Brexit shows that there’s high-risk in not beating the competition – economically, politically and personally.  Put that in the context of you not achieving your targets, losing your edge or limiting your career path – not learning how to win can result in these types of outcomes.

For some tips on where to start – take a look at our Slideshare deck about the advantages of constructing a competitive position for the answers.  Find out how you can be differentiated and construct your argument to win better and faster.