Data is still a “dark issue” for marketing.

Five years ago, after working on over 80 campaigns in a 2-year period with a variety of clients – I came to the belief that clients couldn’t trust their own data.   Since then I think this has continued and is in danger of becoming worse unless we understand why. There are 3 simple answers to … Continue reading “Data is still a “dark issue” for marketing.”

When Marketing isn’t enough.

Marketing is not enough! In many instances it’s becoming “me-too” – it’s becoming standard with limited uniqueness and real stand out. When something becomes standard we have to have the foresight to recognize it. Deal with it. And do something about it. Truly innovate. And those that do it earlier than others, gain significant advantage. … Continue reading “When Marketing isn’t enough.”

Chicken, egg, design or content

The age old question about the chicken and the egg. It’s been discussed for decades with both camps equally confident they are right*. There is a similar posed question that comes up in what I do, designing. What comes first… design or content? Designers have always been asked by both the client (and internal colleagues), … Continue reading “Chicken, egg, design or content”