BI Platform providers only have 4 ways to describe what their solution does. Where’s the differentiation?

In our analysis of the 24 top BI Platform providers within the recent Gartner MQ, we identify that there are only 4 typical ways that vendors use to describe what their solution does.

  • Allows deeper insights faster
  • Connects people and visualization of data
  • Provides simplification of data capture and processing
  • Improves decision-making

We expect all 4 arguments are important to prospects. Our analysis shows though, 11 out of 24 vendors decide to build their central argument based on gaining insight quickly [this means the set-up and speed of analysis/visualization of data].

Our analysis reaches 2 potential conclusions from this:

For a vendor to compete in this market on the basis of allowing deeper insight faster or connecting people and the visualization data they must demonstrate how they’re able to clearly deliver these benefits better than any other of the 10 offerings that do the same.

All 4 arguments are tactical, based on speed of implementation and delivery of results. Our interpretation is that these messages are aimed at D-level and below.

At present, no vendor has taken a position based on the value delivered by the decisions generated from the BI Platform, which would be of high value to the C-suite. This would shift the argument to a higher group of decision-makers and potentially create bigger deals faster when compared to the current sales strategies vendors are adopting of land and expand slowly.

This article is based on a competitive analysis study of the Gartner Magic Quadrant BI Platform Providers 2017 conducted by The Craft Consulting using our own models and analysis framework for our sole purposes and understanding. An Executive Summary of the study is available here.

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