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How are businesses implementing digital transformation?

Understanding where your enterprise customers and target accounts are placed along their unique journey of digital transformation can give considerable advantage when used to tailor your message and become more relevant than the competition. Usually, transformation is led by the C-suite with IT supporting their digital ambitions. This means digital transformation and the ideas of … Continue reading “How are businesses implementing digital transformation?”

Digital transformation: What does transformation mean?

Transformation infers an “end-point” transforming from one form to another like a caterpillar turning into a chrysalis and emerging as a butterfly – a fundamental transformation of structure, purpose and raison d’etre. We can’t think of one organization that has done that yet or will do at such a fundamental level. In financial services, digital … Continue reading “Digital transformation: What does transformation mean?”

Where have businesses reached on the digital transformation journey?

Not all organisations are in the same position on the journey towards a fully transformed digital state. As you’d expect, the question of where businesses are on the digital transformation journey is a very mixed picture: Many are aware of digital transformation, but haven’t pursued what to do about it. Some have adopted digital as … Continue reading “Where have businesses reached on the digital transformation journey?”

Be the best marketing department. Cut out the ineffective.

On average marketing can reduce its spend by 35% and either become a hero function by doing more with less or using what it has to generate higher results. The key is cutting the wasted budget. Nearly every single marketing department can reduce wasted time and spend within the next 3 months if it really … Continue reading “Be the best marketing department. Cut out the ineffective.”