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Chicken, egg, design or content

The age old question about the chicken and the egg. It’s been discussed for decades with both camps equally confident they are right*. There is a similar posed question that comes up in what I do, designing. What comes first… design or content? Designers have always been asked by both the client (and internal colleagues), … Continue reading “Chicken, egg, design or content”

Get happy: six ways to make your business more joyful (and effective)

Does happiness matter in business? Is the world a better or worse place? Depending who you talk to, it’s never been better or it has rarely been worse. But looking at the organisation and the business world, let’s ask: is happiness truly valuable? Is it practical? Can you actually drive a strategy that captures that value, isolates … Continue reading “Get happy: six ways to make your business more joyful (and effective)”

Capitalism: dying, or presenting new opportunities?

Is capitalism dying? Paul Mason’s thesis, and the subject of his now well-publicised book, is that it is. But is this a theory or just a well, kinda idea? And in any case, does it have real weight? Or as one reviewer put it, is it ‘deeply misguided‘? It’s a question, in the end, of how … Continue reading “Capitalism: dying, or presenting new opportunities?”

VMware’s Digital Imperatives: balancing differentiation with best practice

VMware’s ideas of what makes a digital organization show real leadership. But they also underline complexities and challenges for today’s enterprises as systems and ways of working converge, but the need to be distinct and differentiate intensifies. VMworld Europe was running at the moment (even as its parent organisation sets up to be bought by … Continue reading “VMware’s Digital Imperatives: balancing differentiation with best practice”

What does business need from CMO’s? Leadership I hope.

I sometimes wonder if marketing has become too sophisticated, too process and ROI focused. The reality is that you can introduce as many processes and metrics as you want, but unless you create sales and marketing strategies and communication that resonate with potential buyers and provoke them to act – and deliver buyer enablement, rather … Continue reading “What does business need from CMO’s? Leadership I hope.”