Where have businesses reached on the digital transformation journey?

Not all organisations are in the same position on the journey towards a fully transformed digital state. As you’d expect, the question of where businesses are on the digital transformation journey is a very mixed picture:

  • Many are aware of digital transformation, but haven’t pursued what to do about it.
  • Some have adopted digital as a strategic vision and are already initiating transformational programmes.
  • A few have built themselves up as a holistically digital business.
  • The clear majority sit somewhere in the middle.

Why is this important to consider? Because we’ve all been talking about digital transformation for quite a while in the business technology world and as a result we’re showing signs of becoming weary of this buzzword.

But this isn’t where most clients live. They focus on their own world and therefore digital transformation for them is relatively new and will be something they focus us for the next few years.

By trying to understand where organizations are on their unique journey, we ensure our clients can relate and fit their consultative sell approach to the context of the organizations they want to sell to and where they really are on the journey.

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