Competitive Positioning: a must in today’s hyper competitive technology markets.

Everybody’s talking about personalization. In fact, I’ve just seen it cited as the #1 trend in Forrester’s Top 10 predictions for Business in 2016.

Whilst I agree that we all want to be engaged in a relevant, compelling, deeply contextualized way (we are so spoilt these days!), especially as we claim to have so little time to take in the information served up to us…

…from a go-to-market perspective, very little time is given by technology companies in evaluating, defining and then developing differentiated propositions, positions and messaging (forget the personalized bit for now) that clearly set them aside from competitors – and on their terms.

In fact, the good old “me too” principle is still very much in play – all be it centered around business solutions & outcomes rather than simple product features.

So, here are a few sound bites you may have already seen / heard, but they are important and are impacting the way we ‘do business’.

67% of buyers have taken key decisions prior to sales being invited into the process. Making it imperative that your capabilities and proposition are understood and valued by decision-makers in their own right and are perceived as being a better fit and better solution than those of your competitors.

Companies that have successfully created a differentiated competitive position have grown at above average rates in their industry. Making it something that is worth the time and investment to get right instead of delivery as normal as expectation of the result.

Technology trends are driving IT decision making out of the hands of the CIO and into the wider business and Executive office; changing the nature of sales engagement. Requiring you to position your story with an audience outside of IT and have a complex business issue based discussion rather than a defined IT solution conversation.

The above set out a strong case for Competitive Positioning – a science that when combined with a touch of alchemy and a dab of creativity – gives a robust framework for organizations to go out to the world in a unique way.

It will make a serious difference to how your business and your propositions are perceived and thus engaged.

We at The Craft define Competitive Positioning like this:

Competitive Positioning is about having the most relevant and compelling story in the marketplace, which equates to value in the mind of the customer and places your competitors at a disadvantage.

Competitive Positioning allows you to make strategic choices about how you wish to be perceived, you set the terms, you define the value, you control your trajectory, rather than simply letting the position evolve.

The power of Competitive Positioning (we deliver):

  • Distils, hones and clarifies your proposition to market
  • Differentiates you from competitors in a busy market
  • Creates value in the minds of customers
  • Supports and enables premium pricing
  • Allows you to go to market faster and better

Back to personalization..

A strong, clear, differentiated (competitive) position is the perfect platform from which to develop personalized engagement and content.

It sets the terms, the tone, the relevance and the value, and it very often helps create ‘cut-through’ and trigger those ‘eureka moments’ we need our audience to experience in order for them to consider change, challenge the ‘status quo’ and engage fully with a proposition.

Personalization is here to stay and is a vital part of customer engagement, but it can be a long, complex and ever-evolving focus, requiring sustained time, resource and budget.

Competitive Positioning is a lean, swift, efficient approach to driving greater engagement.

Currently we consult, define and deliver the majority of projects in under six weeks, allowing our clients to get to market faster, focus more on business-as-usual and drive greater ROI.

So that’s the short-hand case for Competitive Positioning – in my mind, an imperative business consideration that is critical in today’s hyper competitive technology market.

If you’d like to learn more, see some case studies or simply challenge what I’ve said, please feel free drop me a line:, or call me: +44 (0)7792 846 88

Thank you.


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