Competitive positioning – from the race track to the office

Over a cup of coffee and slice of flapjack at the weekend, my husband and I were discussing what it is we actually do in our jobs – something that after 11 years together neither of us can fully fathom.

An MG racing driver in his spare time, he said to me, “the only thing I know about competitive positioning is on the racetrack”.  Which got me thinking.  Is what my husband does in his spare time and what I do full-time really that different?

“At the end of the day, you want to be first over the line”, he told me.  But to win, you have to secure that elusive track advantage, and that’s not done overnight.  To do it properly, you have to analyse the circuit, the racing environment.  You discover your opponents’ weaknesses…and you set your car up with a competitive edge that makes you that little bit different – that little bit faster – than everyone else.

Strategic planning starts early (this I know, a widow to said racecar at the weekends), and continues onto the track itself.  Pit-stops, tyre changes…these play a critical role in the race, and have made the difference between the all-important champion’s trophy, and the disheartening second place.  Something I’ve learnt after a number of very cold, very windy (but very successful) racing weekends – every driver needs a knowledgeable pit crew and support team around them to ensure that winning position on the podium race after race after race.

So what’s that got to do with the world of business?

Well, at The Craft, our mission is to make your competition irrelevant.  Every day we work with organisations to enable them to compete at the very highest level. Together, we build their sustainable competitive advantage.

Our craft is strategic change consultancy, strategic positioning development and strategic market engagement – where the race track becomes the market and environment in which you are competing, and the other cars become your greatest competitors.  We are the pit crew who are here to help you ensure your car is the lightest, the sleekest and the fastest.  To inform you which areas of the track are optimum for you to over-take.  To identify the flaws that will keep the others off the top spot.

And to ensure you’re always adopting the racing line.

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