Disrupting and dislodging competitor grip on a global market

Turning the market on its head with a citizen-centric approach to city infrastructure technology now adopted as the new global norm.

As more people migrate to urban areas, city infrastructure development is a vital challenge local and national government must address.

Worldwide the race is on to develop digitally connected cities that can flourish and attract investment, create employment, promote sustainability and offer a better quality of life to citizens.

Tasked by Atos to develop a proposition for its city infrastructure technology, The Craft defined a gap to exploit weaknesses in the positioning of key competitors, IBM, Accenture and Cap Gemini.

The Atos MyCity proposition was engineered with the wellbeing of the citizen at its center. It set a clear vision to the market for a connected, safe, sustainable, healthy, mobile, educated and well-governed city, enabled by Atos technology.

Differentiated, compelling and very relevant the proposition set the tone for a completely different conversation for Atos to have with custodians, one centered on primarily on the long-term the wellbeing of citizens rather than the feature list of its technology.

MyCity has enabled Atos to leapfrog the competition and establish strong relationships with key city custodians globally, generating new infrastructure deals in excess of £400m.

Tellingly Microsoft has recently established a MyCity partnership with Atos to jointly exploit greater global market opportunity.

This is our Craft in action. To access further information please contact mwisemansmith@thecraft.consulting.

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