Logicalis – The Everywhere Generation

The competition-topping partnership.

Combining market-leading capabilities to launch an enterprise mobility proposition like no other.

A new strategic partnership was formed to launch a new mobility proposition to the global market in a rapid program to capitalize on the partnerships competitive advantage, to get ahead of market players like Airwatch, UNIFY and Soti.

We carried out complex analysis to define the fears that would prevent buyers from a decision. As a result, the Everywhere Generation campaign is built on 3 key pillars to differentiate the proposition against its competitors and demonstrate how Cisco, Citrix and Logicalis are the best placed partnership in the market to trust.

In 2015, the Everywhere Generation has been adopted as a global Enterprise Mobility proposition. This joined up strategic partnership has delivered substantial new deal opportunities and significant new order entries.

This is our Craft in action. To access further information please contact mwisemansmith@thecraft.consulting.

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