Nailing the “must-win” deal

You submitted your must-win bid and the bid team celebrates.  But “what-if”…..

What if your competitors were able to do 5% more?  And what if that 5% more really did ensure 100% success.  

In the “must-win” situation, when sales revenue and peoples’ jobs are dependent on the result – the “what if” has to be answered.

In a review of a range of business-critical bids, there are 3 common factors that stand out above all others. They also move the conversation away from a price-led competitive play, so it’s worth considering them:

  • Demonstrate real customer alignment – Make it easy for the customer to see and recognize you have built your response around their business strategy. This means using their strategic business objectives, programmes and terms clearly throughout the bid to identify how your solution fits within what they have to achieve and can buy.
  • Demonstrate end-value – Make it clear what the game-changing business benefit is that the customer will gain. Understand that “cost-savings” are expected – instead define how your response will ensure your customer can explore new commercial models and launch them faster at lower risk for example. Then detail how your technical solution is better than others to deliver the results.  Don’t focus right away on the technology and cost – that’s a commodity play.
  • Start pursuit of the customer early – If you want to change how people think about your business, it will take time, you have to make a claim and prove it.  If you know a contract is up for extension or tender in one to two years’ time – start now to make sure you win.  Engage them and ensure they have the right perception of who you are and what you will do for them sooner rather than later.

Make the “What is” the “MUST HAVE”.  

In the past 12 months, The Craft has helped clients to be sure that the extra 5% is in their bids. And so far we’ve supported them to collectively win over £1billion of “must-win” contracts. That’s worth celebrating!  To find our where we start take a look at how you can nail the must-win and go beyond the typical bid approach on our Slideshare deck.