Are you struggling to sell to businesses tackling digital transformation?

Three simple facts to know.

We all talk about digital transformation, but (as a supplier or strategic partner) if you’re struggling to sell to businesses that are defining what it means to them and what they need to achieve with transformation, this will help:

MIT Digital research suggests* that organizations are using digitized business to:

• Improve the customer experience (44%)

• Increase operational efficiency (30%)

• Create new business models (26%)

The best questions to ask yourself are…

Can you re-align your organization’s positioning, portfolio and sales & marketing strategy to enable key customers to buy your solutions in a way that supports their shift towards digitized business?

Are you able to do it quickly in a way that makes sense to you, the sales team and the market?

The answer has to be ‘YES’ to both questions.

If you would like to read more insight on digital transformation and how your customers might be seeing your world, please request our executive insight report ‘Differentiating through digital transformation’. *Sloan Review, MIT 2013

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