Success story – Ark Data Centres

Success story…

Delivering business without compromise

The challenge

In January 2016, the CEO of Ark Data Centres recognised that there was a critical need to create clear differentiation between Ark and other competitors in the market who were offering a lower-level data centre solution. The market had become full of data centre businesses making the same claims and competing on price. Ark identified that it needed to re-engineer its market position and go-to-market approach to defend its premium level solution. Here we explore how we evolved their thinking and brand.

Analysis & strategy

In order to determine Ark’s future direction it was first critical to understand the company’s existing ethos, personality, and go-to-market market messaging. Using The Craft’s specialised strategy, a review of the competitor landscape was undertaken, to see where Ark was positioned amongst market leaders and identify the options that Ark could consider and build its story around.

The Craft Analytics

Competitive positioning

Using our specialist indepth strategy and research, The Craft was able to extract from Ark the key elements that would form the basis of a truly unique positioning in the market. This would allow for sales to have benefit-led conversations, and to challenge and drive change within the minds of both existing and prospective customers alike. Instead of naming a product, we developed Ark’s differentiated approach.

Elevator pitch

Ark designs, builds and operates the UK’s most secure and efficient data centres, with one of the lowest TCOs around.

Every aspect of our data centres is designed, built, and operated by us.

But that’s not why we exist.

We exist to enable our clients to use their data centre to support their differentiation, improve revenue, and drive key business objectives.

  • Business security
  • Business simplicity
  • Business agility

Delivered without compromise.


We do one thing: data centres

That’s why we do it better

  • Greater operational excellence
  • Better security and efficiency
  • Unrivalled control and authority
  • Gaining clients’ absolute trust
  • Taking complete responsibility
  • Never competing with our clients
  • Enabling business value.

Value proposition

Data centres that deliver proven business value

Business Security
Delivering business security – without compromise
  • Layered security online 24/7/365
  • Resilient operations
  • Robust risk management
  • Security of land and power with 100% freehold ownership
  • Reassurance of significant investor support
  • And we never compete ‘up the stack’ with our clients
Business Simplicity
Delivering business simplicity – without compromise
  • Easier working and access means smoother operations
  • Simpler procurement journey makes like easier
  • Transparency of usage
  • Adapt to any technology estate
Business Agility
Delivering business agility – without compromise
  • Data centres that are ‘IT ready’ from the start
  • Scalable investment
  • Rapid deployment
  • No tie-in to particular hardware or software
  • Dedicated 24/7/365 support
Business Agility
Delivering business value – without compromise
  • Assured savings
  • One of the lowest possible TCOs
  • But above all, delivering real business value

Bringing the Ark brand to life

At the time of engagement, although Ark had recently undergone a relatively recent refresh of look-and-feel, it was not aligned with the new, mature and distinct message to the market of 'Delivering business without compromise'. Ark needed a new visual style to match its new position.

Framing device

Ark Framing Device

New colours

New Ark colours

New fonts

Ark new fonts

New imagery and ‘Ark overlay effect’

Ark Overlay Effect

Sales enablement & GTM assets

Most agencies would pay light attention to the strategic thinking. But focusing on strategy first in-depth The Craft was able to construct a robust stand-out set of GTM assets that required minimal internal discussion or adjustment - letting Ark get on with what their best at.


Ark Video

Interactive rich picture sales tool

Ark Video


Ark Website

Corporate booklet

Ark booklet 1

Ark booklet 2