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The challenge

For a period of six months Hitachi Consulting and Oracle had engaged major retailers with a DOO proposition which was designed to enable retailers to manage their e-commerce and multichannel order fulfilment in a more profitable and guaranteed way. Despite this they had been unable to persuade retailers to step away from the established long-term competitor offerings provided by IBM and SAP.

There was a general recognition that to improve the changes of Hitachi Consulting and Oracle the best option was to re-engineer the sales argument they could put in the market to stand-out and counter the status-quo situation. Here we explore how we develop a new robust and true argument to tackle their competitors.

Analysis & strategy

To understand what retailers believed we carried out an in-depth analysis of the what the competitors offering was, what it delivered and how they could prove it. In detail we defined the category term buyers recognized and the value propositions they bought into. At the same time we analyzed in depth the capabilities of our clients proposition. What we discovered was buried deep in technology our client had a USP – and ability to implement the solution 50% faster with no risk which hadn’t been addressed because it hadn’t been understood in the right way.

The Craft Analytics

Competitive positioning

By understanding the competitors weaknesses in their story, The Craft was able to re-construct our clients story from headline message to detailed sales conversation. And the USP was placed in the context of the retailers – giving them the capability to achieve what they needed to faster, not in years but in weeks in a secure and reliable way.

Elevator pitch

Distributed Order Orchestration (DOO) is an innovative application co-developed by Oracle and Hitachi Consulting and built for today’s multi-channel environment. DOO enables you to have a single view of orders and fulfillment across multiple organizations, geographies, channels and disparate systems. Providing centralized fulfillment monitoring and a global view of availability, it allows you to respond faster to order enquiries, reduce inventory and exception handling costs, and keep your premises to your customers. Designed to work with your existing systems, we can provide rapid deployment so you can start realizing business value faster.

Value proposition

Evolve multi-channel order capture faster, realise business value sooner
  • Present a ‘single face’ to the customer, for a seamless experience whichever channels they buy through
  • Get a unified view of suppliers and stock across every channel to make your global inventory work harder
  • Respond instantly to order status enquiries, and improve promise accuracy and on-time delivery rates
  • Select the optimum fulfilment source based on delivery time and cost to improve margins
  • Proactively identify and fix problem orders while reducing exception handling costs
  • Reduce the cost and complexity of connecting to third-party systems – no custom development required

Sales enablement & GTM assets

The Craft rapidly produced a set of materials to meet critical dates with key customers and prepare a joint sales let campaign.

It included versions of the story and creative by type of retailer and their specific push-back to the solution [e.g. we do it in-house], the retailers business [e.g. in partnership with John Lewis] and by buyer persona [e.g. based on their buying triggers].

The work enabled Hitachi Consulting to secure consultative-led sales conversations with clients that meant large-scale deals in DOO and much wider.

A single minded proposition for John Lewis

Partnership, corporate social responsibility, killer commercial benefits

John Lewis proposition

A tailored approach to Boots

Customer wellbeing = business wellbeing

Boots tailored approach



Grocery and convenience

Grocery and convenience

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