When Marketing isn’t enough.

Marketing is not enough! In many instances it’s becoming “me-too” – it’s becoming standard with limited uniqueness and real stand out. When something becomes standard we have to have the foresight to recognize it. Deal with it. And do something about it. Truly innovate. And those that do it earlier than others, gain significant advantage. … Continue reading “When Marketing isn’t enough.”

What does business need from CMO’s? Leadership I hope.

I sometimes wonder if marketing has become too sophisticated, too process and ROI focused. The reality is that you can introduce as many processes and metrics as you want, but unless you create sales and marketing strategies and communication that resonate with potential buyers and provoke them to act – and deliver buyer enablement, rather … Continue reading “What does business need from CMO’s? Leadership I hope.”

Emotional marketing requires emotional marketers

By its very nature, successful marketing surprises, differentiates, shows empathy, provokes and challenges. It compels and excites, tells stories, promises newness and affirmation, provides heroes (and villains) and loyalty. It doesn’t matter whether you are in the B2B or B2C space, your audiences still want these things. They want to be taken out of themselves … Continue reading “Emotional marketing requires emotional marketers”