Attaining a game-changing advantage in sales & marketing

The average marketer is faced with an impossible challenge. How do they do more with less.  But vitally – how do they do it with: the same or less resources than their competitors often using the similar marketing content, channels and tools as everyone else an objective to engage with a widening set of audience … Continue reading “Attaining a game-changing advantage in sales & marketing”

Nailing the “must-win” deal

You submitted your must-win bid and the bid team celebrates.  But “what-if”….. What if your competitors were able to do 5% more?  And what if that 5% more really did ensure 100% success.   In the “must-win” situation, when sales revenue and peoples’ jobs are dependent on the result – the “what if” has to … Continue reading “Nailing the “must-win” deal”

Competitive positioning – from the race track to the office

Over a cup of coffee and slice of flapjack at the weekend, my husband and I were discussing what it is we actually do in our jobs – something that after 11 years together neither of us can fully fathom. An MG racing driver in his spare time, he said to me, “the only thing … Continue reading “Competitive positioning – from the race track to the office”