Wearable technology. It’s set to change business comms forever.

The launch of the new Apple Watch will change mobile consumption and behaviour forever.

This in turn will impact directly and on the way businesses must communicate with customers and the workforce, forever.

Two bold statements, but if successful, the new ‘flagship’ for wearable technology will transform the way we consume and interact with information in the future.

With analysts predicting sales in excess of 15 million units in Year One, 18% of iPhone-6 buyers saying they’ll purchase an Apple Watch in 2015, and Apple already manufacturing six million pieces for the first wave of sales, it seems inevitable that the launch of the Apple Watch will overshadow the launch and impact of every single previous Smartwatch in the market.

‘Data-snacking’, wherein wearable devices (spear-headed by the Apple Watch) purpose-built to serve up small bursts of data supported by simple response actions will drive first consumer and then business adoption. Wearers will view and confirm or dismiss information delivered to the device.

This highlights two key questions and potential barriers for businesses wishing to engage customers and workforce alike in the new ‘data-snacking’ world:

Exactly what information will be deemed (by the user) to be important enough to be displayed on the Watch? Currently the Apple Watch will be an extension / auxiliary display of an iPhone and therefore the argument goes, there will plenty of (we believe more detailed) information displayed / stored on the iPhone that is not communicated to the Watch. Therefore the Watch acts as the ‘carrier’ and ‘notifier’ for priority information only, whilst the user acts to curate what information makes it to the device.

What are the implications of this new ‘data-snacking’ culture on the interaction with information and how does this directly impact the business world? By being both more covert and also more handy (literally!) the Apple Watch will inform a new behaviour of short, quick, information ‘glances’. The time taken to decide if (the minimal) information displayed is valuable and should be acted on will be even shorter than that of current interaction with Smartphones. And so in this short window of time information delivered must drive positive action.

The Craft believes that businesses must build communication strategies that address and maximise the opportunity this new mobile behaviour will present.

We don’t just mean from a ‘responsive’ technical perspective, but from the viewpoint of creating entire go-to-market initiatives wherein finite detail such as ‘information nuggets’ – concise, bold, interesting ‘text-bites’, crafted with wearable devices in mind and written to counter indifference and stimulate positive action, are planned and carefully conceived.

The Apple Watch and all wearable devices add yet another navigation layer for people to deal with (just think…Watch to iPhone to Website to Video to Brochure to Webinar, etc, etc!!).

So the story your business needs to tell, the value proposition you must articulate and benefits your customer understands and will derive, must be compelling. And, in a cluttered environment, you must also be differentiated from your competition.

We practice what we preach. And are already working with clients in ensuring from strategic positioning to in-market differentiation and content development and creation, wearable technologies and the impact of ‘data snacking’ are being correctly addressed.

Don’t lose the opportunity to gain competitive advantage. Think ahead, act swiftly and decisively and prepare your business for the next shift in how we consume and interact with information.

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