When Marketing isn’t enough.

Marketing is not enough! In many instances it’s becoming “me-too” – it’s becoming standard with limited uniqueness and real stand out.

When something becomes standard we have to have the foresight to recognize it. Deal with it. And do something about it. Truly innovate. And those that do it earlier than others, gain significant advantage.

Why is it time to innovate. Because we’re seeing 3 linked factors:

  • Familiarity – People are now use to seeing a volume of content and marketing delivered to them by everyone far too easily – it’s now become generic and doesn’t stand out – it’s becoming noise not value-add.
  • Lowering ROI rates versus investment – The innovators are starting to realize the latest wave of marketing ROI and results are declining in reality and not achieving the impact they need to overcome the challenges they face today.
  • Strategic repetition – Lazy marketers deliver what they know and this becomes standard but they still expect it to work. So the same strategies and channels are used and content isn’t differentiated. And they have limited authority, insight or budget to create the changes they need to and change this.

This combination of factors creates the need to not just think differently but push yourself to recognize the facts, to innovate and to experiment. Easy to demand. But what does it mean to do it and how do you do it?

It requires us to shift our traditional thinking and barriers. It requires us to question every element of what we do, how we deliver and how we’re measured.  It requires us to look at what we see every day but see it through different eyes and a new perspective.

There is a need to be different about what we say, how we behave and how we act and how we differentiate ourselves in a place that is becoming “me-to” and standard marketing doesn’t stand out as it once did.

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