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We’re The Craft. We work with leading business technology brands differentiating them and their propositions. We want to help you to make your competitors less relevant.

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How can we differentiate you?

Align your business strategy to your customer

Align your business strategy, value, and vision to real customer needs – so you’re always at the heart of the sales conversation.

Change how you’re defined and perceived

Change how you’re defined and perceived – so you can take ownership of the market you operate in and make your competition less relevant.

Connect your story with that of other business leaders

Connect your story with that of other business leaders – so you’re seen as a valuable partner working towards a common goal rather than just a supplier.

Make your story permanently true

Make your story permanently true – so you’re in control whatever market changes occur.

The services we provide.

We provide a modular approach enabling our clients to control and build the solution that suits them best – from strategy to execution.

Service 1

Competitive positioning

Engineering a truly differentiated position in the marketplace to inspire a new kind of value-led buyer conversation.

Service 2

Sales enablement

Building the core sales tools that enable sales to self-educate and have core selling tools to-hand.

Service 3

Strategic in-market engagement

Defining, theme setting and delivering high-impact engagements to C-D level stakeholders to shift perception.

Our clients.

  • Atos
  • Cisco
  • Verint
  • Deep3
  • ServiceNow
  • Salesforce
  • Dimension Data
  • Logicalis
  • Ark
  • Civica
  • Oracle
  • Citrix
  • Cryptomage
  • Luxoft
  • Computacenter
  • Hitachi Consulting
  • BAE

Who we are.

The Craft has been set up deliberately from day one to be different.

You’ll find we don’t rush to big idea or creative for a solution – our approach is analytical and robust, which sets a framework in place for stronger creativity and engagement. Our approach is specifically designed to re-engineer the way sales leads and marketing can engage both IT and business-leaders and sell a wider proposition set from day one.

Our consultants are experts in creating differentiation work across complex technology and related sectors.


Strategy Director

Mark Wiseman-Smith

Mark has exceptional talent for unearthing the detailed insight that can be the game-changing factor to build a winning competitive position upon. He is robust and analytical ensuring that every piece of insight is understood, interpreted and constructed to be used to the ultimate advantage in a technical and creative way.


Strategy Director

Nat Sones

Nat has intense intelligence that is applied to highly complex situations to bring swift logic and clarity. He is skilled in his ability to see complex propositions and devise incision points to enable sales to engage an opportunity on a single point while leverage the fast moving ground beneath them.


Principal Consultant

Kate Bridge

Kate has the tenacity and experience that is required to transfer rapidly from strategy to execution. She is agile and responsive – to enable the speedy and precise creation of go-to-market sales enablement tools and lead the implementation of buyer enablement programs.


Strategic Writer

Gareth Strachan

Gareth has the innate ability to interpret real challenges and define exactly how they can be overcome. He is able to provide great clarity and define the most efficient and effective route to the solution working with the right expert at the right time to deliver the result.


Creative Design

Tasha Martin

Tasha has a creative way of thinking and bringing concepts to life with impactful and meaningful imagery and design skills whatever the medium. She is able to design high impact board level pieces and complex assets with equal weighting, which enables stories to be told from central idea to complex sales message.


Art Director

Ronnie Stretch

Ronnie has a logic and awareness of the business thinking to question everything from every viewpoint. He is experienced in understanding how audiences will perceive a position and the implications it may have to ensure it is right from all angles and market ready.

The way we think.

Our insight comes in many forms to help you drive successful change to the heart of your business. It's always backed up by experience, depth of knowledge, and critical assessment. Here's some examples of how we think.

Get in touch.

If we’ve piqued your interest to truly differentiate your business, solve your challenges, and boost your results, feel free to get in touch by email or on the phone.

Mark Wiseman-Smith
Business Strategy Director
Telephone: +44 (0) 7555 093903