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Building a compelling proposition around digital transformation.

We’ve recently considered the following questions in relation to Digital Transformation. Click on the link the review our previous posts. What does transformation mean? How is transformation being implemented by businesses? Where have businesses reached on the digital transformation journey? By thinking about these three questions as a collective, we’ve developed some acid test points … Continue reading “Building a compelling proposition around digital transformation.”

Attaining a game-changing advantage in sales & marketing

The average marketer is faced with an impossible challenge. How do they do more with less.  But vitally – how do they do it with: the same or less resources than their competitors often using the similar marketing content, channels and tools as everyone else an objective to engage with a widening set of audience … Continue reading “Attaining a game-changing advantage in sales & marketing”

Agent3 and The Craft; combining to deliver best in class Account Based Marketing, end to end

Since Agent3 was created, it had a very clear objective of helping customers sell more to their key and named accounts by combining the three agents of change in modern marketing; data, technology and content, to identify, target and engage their key accounts.  As they’ve grown Agent3 and expanded from London into New York, San … Continue reading “Agent3 and The Craft; combining to deliver best in class Account Based Marketing, end to end”

How are businesses implementing digital transformation?

Understanding where your enterprise customers and target accounts are placed along their unique journey of digital transformation can give considerable advantage when used to tailor your message and become more relevant than the competition. Usually, transformation is led by the C-suite with IT supporting their digital ambitions. This means digital transformation and the ideas of … Continue reading “How are businesses implementing digital transformation?”

Digital transformation: What does transformation mean?

Transformation infers an “end-point” transforming from one form to another like a caterpillar turning into a chrysalis and emerging as a butterfly – a fundamental transformation of structure, purpose and raison d’etre. We can’t think of one organization that has done that yet or will do at such a fundamental level. In financial services, digital … Continue reading “Digital transformation: What does transformation mean?”